Custom Subwoofer Systems

The proper subwoofer enclosure is the most important part to the puzzle of bass. Click here to learn how Audio Alchemy can help improve your bass with a custom enclosure.

Alarms and Remote Car Start Systems

Possibly the single most awesome feature that can be added to your vehicle is a remote start system. Click here to learn more about alarms and remote start systems available for your vehicle today.

Amazing Audio

Audio Alchemy has chosen our product lines with value and quality in mind so you don't have to worry about it. We'll help you design your system taking all the pressure off you. Let us do ALL the work for you.

Strong Security

You should not have to worry about your car or items in it being stolen. We can help set your mind at ease. Whether you want a basic system or something that's over-the-top, we've got your back.

Drive Ticket Free

Yes, you've read that correctly. With our radar detectors, you're guaranteed not to get a speeding ticket or the cost of the ticket is reimbursed. That's how confident we are that our systems work.


At Audio Alchemy, we can add those features you wish you had. Backup cameras and sensors, Aux, keyless entry, Wifi, remote start systems, wireless device charging, better sound system and more.

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Dude! I decided I wanted to listen to Grand Funk. Wow! I heard things I never heard before in that song! It sounded wonderful! I am glad I spent the money on those speakers! Can't wait to get an amp and sub!

Dean P Davis

Robert was awesome. Install was on time and price was exactly as quoted! Very knowledgeable! Would recommend him and Audio Alchemy for all of your stereo, alarm and remote start needs!

Blane Daniel

Everybody should totally come to this dude when your ready to install your system or wanting one!! Just got mine installed today and it's just the way i wanted it. Highly recommend you to do it at this place!

Isaac David Rios